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Saltire Team Gymnastics Club​ Update​​

Team Selection 2016-17.

Another great couple of months for Saltire Team Gymnastics Club. We have recently completed our Annual Team Selection process. Well done to everyone who was successful in securing a space in the 2016-17 Squads! We hope you continue to develop your gymnastics and have a productive and successful competition season.

Lottery Funding

We have recently secured £4750.00 from the Lottery Awards For All fund. We have used the funds to purchase a new Airtrack, blower and transport trolley for Musselburgh Sports Centre. This will be a great asset for the Friday Development group training.

East Lothian 2 Piece Competition.

Well done to all of our Development gymnasts who participated in the East Lothian 2 Piece competition on Saturday 25th June. We saw some lovely gymnastics and it was clear to see how hard everyone had worked in preparation for the competition. Saltire came home with many medals and rosettes. Full results will soon be published on our website and via Facebook. Here are just a few of our medal and rosette winners:

Lawrie Banks

Lola Twist and Abbi-Lee Cairney

Kerr Golightly

Kara Craig

Isla Scott

Hamish Mainstone and Ben Masterton

Brooke Muir

Brooke Muir, Dana Williams and Lola Twist

Zara Neilson

Stars Of The Month:

Star awards this month go to those gymnasts who placed first overall in their age category at the EL competition - a fantastic achievement!

  • Brooke Muir: Age 8 Beginner Girls

  • Kitty Bird: Age 10/11 Beginner Girls

  • Molly Valentine: Age 12+ Beginner Girls

  • Rudi Waugh: Age 8 Intermediate Girls

  • Kerr Golightly: Age 6/7Boys

  • Ben Masterton: Age 8 Boys

  • Lawrie Banks: Age 9 Boys

  • Brennan Dugay: Age 10/11 Boys

  • Aaron Smith: Age 12+ Boys

Upcoming Events:

  • Teamgym British Championships, Liverpool: 30/07/2016 and 31/07/2016

  • Club Championships and Awards Ceremony, Meadowmill: 04/09/2016

  • Saltire 2 Piece, Micro and Teamgym competition, Meadowmill: 08/10/2016 and 09/10/2016

  • European Teamgym Championships, Slovenia: Oct 2016

Other News:

Preparations are well underway for our Zonal Squad members who were selected for the British Team. They will be travelling to Slovenia in October to compete at the 2016 European Teamgym Championships. This month, we are featuring one of our Saltire Teamgym Superheroes:

Fraser McLeod!

How long have you been participating in Teamgym?

I've been competing in Teamgym for approximately 6 years although I have been involved in gymnastics for much longer as I started with Artistic Gymnastics.

What is your favourite apparatus?


What is your highest level skill? Full in/Half out Straight.

What tips or advice would you give to young aspiring gymnasts?

Stick at it and always try your hardest.

Did you know? . . . Fraser also competes at a high level with his trampoline club!! His speciality is Double Mini Trampoline.

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