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finance and fees 


If you or someone in your household is a tax payer, please help us raise additional fund for the club through Gift Aid.  More informatand the form to complete can be found here.

gift aid 

scottish gymnastics membership

It is compulsory that all our club members become members of our National Governing Body (Scottish Gymnastics) on joining the club.  Membership is updated annually.

On joining the club, you will be required to make a fee payment to Scottish Gymnastics to cover your insurance for the coming year. Following on from that, your membership fees will be incorporated into your monthly standing order so you will not be required to pay another lump sum for membership.


Scottish Gymnastics membership brings a number of benefits to club members, namely personal liability insurance and the ability to compete in Scottish and British competitions. More information on the benefits of membership can be found here.

The cost of Scottish Gymnastics membership/insurance is dictated by the Governing Body and is subject to change at any time.


frequently asked questions

What happens if we miss a session or we are on holiday?

The monthly payment is a membership to the club and secures the place for the gymnast, the club still has outgoing fees to pay i.e. hall hire, coaches, SGA Membership fees etc. Please note that it is imperative that you inform the coaching team if your child will be absent from the class i.e. illness / holiday.


What happens if my child is injured for a long period of time?

It is expected, within the context of injury, that gymnasts still attend training to join in conditioning and core work to keep muscle tone and team spirit until they return to full training. In the event of a gymnast being injured with a break / severe injury a refund of one month’s training may be agreed in partnership with the coaching team and treasurer.


What happens if we leave the club?

We have a one month notice period for anyone who decides they want to leave the club.  Gymnasts can still train in their usual sessions for the full month after giving notice. Cancellation of the Sanding Order to the club is down to the parent of the gymnast who set this up. We do not have the authority to cancel standing orders from the club end. Please email if your child is planning to leave the club.


What do our Club Fees pay for?

Club fees contribute to the associated costs of the gymnastics training i.e. building costs, hall hire, coaching fees, miscellaneous training items / folders etc. In addition to this the club invests heavily in coach and volunteer development and purchasing state of the art gymnastics equipment. Every penny that comes into the club is reinvested back into gymnastics.


What happens if we don’t pay our fees?

The club treasurer will contact members to remind them of the monthly payment due; if still no payment is made the following month, this will be followed up by a formal letter for payment. Thereafter the club committee will make a decision about further action.


club hardship fund

The club have a small pot of money called the hardship fund which is available to our members to help support one off fees in circumstances deemed appropriate by our Head Coach and Treasurer. For more information please contact the club treasurer on 

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